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Want to learn more? Check out all the features of the 9 event types you can create in Pickleball360! What’s more, calculate what it takes to run events with our easy tool.

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Simplified Tournament & Event Management Software

With our event management software, effortlessly create and manage 9 different types of events, and get instant payments. Enjoy streamlined tournament setup with player notifications.

Every steps to make things easier

Partner with for one-click ratings updates. Our app streamlines score entries, payments, check-ins, and registrations, making tournament management effortless.

No more paper and pencil, complex Excel files are history!

Every step of managing events is easier with Pickleball360. For example, you can view match scores with just one click. The results are automatically uploaded to DUPR, so you don’t have to deal with any additional steps!

We simplify for you

Our event management system offers a robust waitlist system, ensuring seamless player registration and engagement.

Enjoy the convenience of invites and registrations, all while managing your event with precision.


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DUPR integration

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Setting flexible entry criteria for events

Multiple payment methods

Easy list management system

Customizable waiver system

Tiered fee and refund management

Promo code management

Multiple competition formats

Airport-style kiosk system for event tracking

Intelligent court allocation system

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